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OneNote Fix Toolbox recovers corrupted *.one files of Microsoft OneNote format and saves the contents as separate documents. The OneNote fix software can restore the data from *.one files, supported by Microsoft OneNote 2003, 2007. This method of OneNote file fixing allows repairing images and audio files. The tool fix OneNote file provides a friendly interface and recovers text information.

OneNote Fast Fix

OneNote Fix Toolbox visualizes the list of recovered contents before saving and recovers the data as separate files. Do not worry if you encounter an error message like OneNote this section is corrupted. Click here to fix this section or something like this, get the latest version of OneNote Fix Toolbox from the website of application developer and proceed to the process of fix corrupted OneNote page, it can be done in several minutes. The service of fix corrupt OneNote pages, powered by OneNote Fix Toolbox, looks like any other PC application, get the latest version of fix OneNote files utility and install it on your PC.

OneNote File Fixing

Thanks to the ease of OneNote Fix Toolbox and to the small size of its binaries you may start opening corrupted *.one files immediately after the first error message, notifying about the damage of Microsoft OneNote files. The process of OneNote fix represents the same sequence of user activities like the decompression of packed files, for example. Get the setup file of OneNote Fix Toolbox on your PC and follow the instructions of OneNote fast fix, make sure you accept all terms of agreement during the installation of fix OneNote section program and use the shortcut of OneNote Fix Toolbox to start. As soon as it is completed you may start the OneNote fix damaged section by selecting a file of *.one format to be processed.

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OneNote this section is corrupted. Click here to fix this section

Fix corrupt OneNote pages
Tool fix OneNote file

Note: However, unlike open source solutions, some kind of modifications is not allowed in this tool. Like any other open source program or free software, the users of OneNote Fix Toolbox may get the installer of Free DEMO. OneNote Fix Toolbox application is issued by the professional software team development of, this program is not released under GNU General Public License (GPL).

Note: OneNote Fix Toolbox do not repair content of password protected Microsoft OneNote .one or .onenote files.


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